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What is this app for?

With this little app you can create nightcore music live and listen to it at different speeds.

Simply click the open file-icon in the top left, choose an audio file and listen to the nightcore'd song!

Depending on your browser different audio files are supported. MP3s will always work. FLAC will work in Edge, Chrome and Firefox!

How to create Nightcore music

  1. Get an audio file.
  2. Open the audio file on this page.
  3. Change speed to your liking.
  4. Listen and enjoy.

What is nightcore?

Nightcore is normally music that has been sped up a bit. Typical traits of the genre is quite fast beats with high pitched voices, often based on trance/techno-ish songs.

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Created by Jeremy Karlsson.
Contact: nightcore@jeremy.se


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